J-WAVE USA was three days of events I curated at UCLA in March 2008


It focused on the export/import of Japanese contemporary culture in California, transnational entrepreneurship

 in the creative industries, and the rise of Girl Photography in Japan since the 1990s


It included academic talks, a business entrepreneurship panel at the UCLA Anderson School

a one day conference, and a small exhibition of photography by Mika Ninagawa and Mikiko Hara

  The show, which I co-curated with Hiromi Nakamura of the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of

 Photography,  was entitled "Sweet and Bitter"


The 16 page full colour programme

 -- which includes an 8 page catalogue and Hiromi Nakamura's curatorial essay -- 

is available here


The full transcript of the panel discussion at the Hammer Museum on "Girl Photography in Japan"

-- which features Laura Miller, Charlotte Cotton, Sharon Kinsella and Yoshitaka Mouri -- 

is available here


A short report on the event by the UCLA Center for the Study of Women

-- including a link to a podcast of the talks -- 

is available here


The wonderful cover artwork is by Marina Kappos, an LA artist I met at Tokyo Wonder Site

You can read my review for Art Forum of her work, which also gives access to her website